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Deal with U.S. Tax and Immigration Laws with Confidence with Seasoned International Lawyers

In today’s global business world the business of moving people, money, goods, and ideas throughout the world is growing fast, and demands that the international professionals that facilitate this movement, grow with them.

Professionals need to be knowledgeable and responsive without leaving behind the “old time” ideas and values of what it means to be a lawyer and solve the problem.

Whether you are an alien individual or foreign corporation investing in, doing business in, or moving to the United States or you are American investing and doing business outside of the United States or emigrating from the United States, you are going to deal with the U.S. tax and immigration laws.

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Taxation of the Clawback in a Ponzi Scheme & Maximum Tax Recovery

Any lawyer involved in a clawback settlement agreement must, where possible, in the settlement agreement, distinguish between and earmark the two types of clawback that can happen. There can be a clawback of profits earned from the ponzi scheme or a clawback of invested principal. As you will see there is a distinctly different tax treatment between the two clawbacks and as a general rule, clawbacks allocated to profit losses may be more valuable for larger refunds but also may be more treacherous to deal with.

Additional resources from this presentation are available at www.USTaxLawSeminars.com

By Tax Attorney, Richard S. Lehman Esq.

The IRS Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures explained by Richard S. Lehman Esq.

PODCAST August 30, 2012: Update on two pieces of Tax Legislation that have been phased in over the last few years: The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), and Foreign Financial Institutions reporting on Americans.



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